Does finding your perfect pair of jeans that fit and flatter you fill you with dread? Have you spent hours struggling in and out of jeans in hot changing rooms or returned countless pairs bought online because they don't come up to scratch? We feel your pain. It doesn’t have to be this way! 

To banish your jean-buying stress, we have created Jeaks™; the jeans that fit and flatter everybody's shape (yes really), lift your butt and make you feel like the best version of yourself. 

You’ll save time and energy and money, feel confident and empowered and own the best fitting, most comfortable and unique jeans you’ve ever tried on.

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"These Jeaks are miracle jeans!"

Donna McCulloch-Stylist, Fashion Editor, Oscar Stylist

"A brand created with Passion & designed with comfort & style in mind. Women across the world will thank you!"

Gayle -TV Presenter, Actress, Model

"My Jeaks are incredibly flattering and unbelievably comfortable; they honestly feel completely different to wearing regular jeans because of the feel of the fabric."

Hester -Author & Psychologist

"These are now my go-to favourite Jeans and I've got over 30 pairs so that's saying something!"

Flo Stylist & Photographer

"I've fallen in love with my Jeaks! They do everything you would want from your best pair of jeans- AND MORE! They make my legs look slimmer(I bought the ‘Ya Ya’ tie dye flared ones), they are super flattering on my bum & they feel really comfortable as there are no hard seams!"

Katy Nurse

"I kid you not, my legs have grown a foot, my thighs have shrunk and my butt has lifted... the dream (super comfy) jeans right there, with all the 70s vibes. Even Mr C gave an admiring nod"

Millie / Stylist

"I just wanted to write to say how much I LOVE my new pair of Jeaks....they are so versatile and can be dressed up or down and l have styled them in so many different ways. I have had so many positive comments."

Patsy / Stylist

They feel amazing on, I can’t praise them enough! I’ve got the skinnies but the flares are just as fabulous and are on my wish list! The size guide on their website is spot on, usually I find size guides not that helpful but this one was very accurate. So I’m spending all of my Sunday swooning over my new jeaks!!

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