Our Story

(Pronounced like Crazy but with a "G")

As a young girl growing up in the 70s, I was spellbound by women who looked effortlessly cool and put together, with their own sense of style. I loved the glamour of that era, memorable for the tribe of exquisite style icons that dazzled us. Whether it was Bianca Jagger, Cher and Debbie Harry partying at Studio 54 in their flared jeans, leopard print and sequins or Ali McGraw, Diane Keaton, Lauren Hutton and Jane Birkin, more likely to be spotted having brunch at ‘Le Cirque’ in smart blazers, bell-bottom trousers and basket bags, I lapped it up.

For years I had trawled the high street, searching for 1970s style pieces to add to my wardrobe finding slim pickings. I longed for Gucci or Halston, but made do with a mixture of high street, charity and vintage shop finds, mostly made from synthetic ‘far out’ printed/knitted fabrics that had seen better days. 70s styles were making a comeback onto the pages of Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar magazines. Having wanted to merge our business and design skills for years, my husband and I decided to create a British sustainable womens’ brand offering affordable luxury pieces...covetable wardrobe staples inspired by the 1970s  ‘It girl’.

Our ‘Hero’ product Jeaks™were born from the frustration of not finding jeans comfortable enough to travel in. Being a jeans lover, I  wouldn’t personally wear a tracksuit to travel in but wanted the comfort of one. I found that many other women felt the same. I also wanted to make jeans inspired by the 70s, that offered great fit to women of all heights and shapes and make them incredibly flattering. And lastly, we felt that there hadn’t been any major changes in denim for some time and we wanted to evolve jeans and offer a cool unique choice to women that want to stand out from the crowd in the sea of blue out there!

Jeaks™ are versatile, and stylish to be dressed up or down for the Graysey woman to wear about town, on a night out or on a long haul flight. They are so comfortable, you can even sleep in them! I wanted them to be cool, versatile and adaptable, like the woman who wears them. Having also added blouses, organic cotton slogan t-shirts and logo print head scarves to our collection, we are looking to extend our sizing and add other categories that embody that casual elegance with a nod to the 70s and the glamour and class of the period.  Stylish, practical and glam wardrobe essentials for the busy lives women lead.