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Jeaks™ give you the look of jeans and the comfort of loungewear.


We are a husband & wife team who after Doug lost the business he’d built for 25 years, sold our home, moved out of town and downsized. We’d always dreamed of creating a brand and we put my fashion design and his marketing skills together to build Graysey.



Doug’s parents were the first to import washed denim to London in the 70s in their ‘Denim City’ shops & we are continuing their legacy by creating a new category in denim, taking jeans to another level.


We make Jeaks™ -jeans that are super flattering and so comfortable that they feel like loungewear. The vertical lines & contrasting design/ colour of the panels visually slim & lengthen the legs and the denim technology lifts your bum. We also make blouses and will be offering other categories soon.



After trawling around countless factories in Portugal, we found a wonderful woman-owned happy factory, aligning with our ‘Women for Women’ ethos. We make ethically and are a sustainable, non-seasonal, timeless company & have green packaging.

Customer Testimonials


Jeaks™ were born from the frustration of not being able to find jeans that were super 

comfortable to travel in.  We wanted to make the most flattering jeans ever. 

AND do something new with denim.  

Meet Natasha - The Designer behind the brand. 

"What Jeaks™ do for you"

G McQueen X Graysey Collaboration

We are super excited to be collaborating with Gary James McQueen with a Limited Edition collection of Jeaks™.

As one of the world’s leading digital artists and designers, he nurtured his craft alongside his late uncle; the iconic British fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

We will be taking pre orders for the limited edition collection in Spring 2021

Jeaks™ were born to make a woman look and feel like a rockstar. They are dopamine jeans designed to flatter all body shapes and give women confidence.  When women put them on, they have a Eureka moment and ‘get’ what Jeaks™ do for them! 

@peggypollock Founder of @rollagirls having fun in her Jeaks™

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