About Us

Husband and wife team Doug and Natasha are the duo behind Graysey. Doug comes from a family used to the business of fashion, opening one of the first denim only retail chains in the 70s. Doug spent many Saturdays working in the first ‘Denim City’ store in Kings Road where  Chelsea football stars, among other celebs, came to buy their jeans. He started his career working as a stockbroker in the city and went on to set up his own business, building ‘Dukes of London’ into one of the largest promotional merchandise and apparel companies in the UK. 
Natasha grew up with her artist and teacher parents in the Middle East and Africa exploring the desert, wadis and coastlines of these exotic countries they lived in. After completing her Fashion & Textiles degree and a short spell working in fashion in London, her thirst for adventure led her to live, work and travel internationally, based in the Middle East. She later returned back to the U.K. and set up her own Interior Design company in London where she  met Doug. 
A wedding and two daughters later, they moved to the dynamic bustling entrepôt of Hong Kong to grow their businesses. Frustrated with a lack of 70s style clothes and natural fabrics, Natasha began designing clothes again, re-igniting her passion for fashion design. They returned to the U.K and felt the time was right to merge their skills and aspirations to launch Graysey.