Jeaks™ - The Contour & Comfort Jeans

Taking our cue from the 70s era of iconic style, Jeaks™ are the new cool jean bringing a hip, laid back glam feel to your denim.

Soft stretch panels on the inside leg replace hard denim seams, giving you the comfort of loungewear and bring a unique flash of leopard print, tie dye or two-tone blue into the mix.

Whether you go for Slim Fit (like a Skinny) or Kick Flare, these jeans flatter all body shapes and offer the best fit. The vertical line of the panels visually slim and lengthens your legs. 

Designed initially to be the most comfortable jeans to travel in, they are now spotted everywhere for rollerblading,  shopping, dressed up for dinner and even worn as yoga pants!

Jeans + Tracksuit = Jeaks

Our Promise To You

We are not sizeist-although it may look like it, currently offering up to a 30” waist in Jeaks. From the start, we planned to extend our sizing but Covid massively impacted the time scale. We are working hard with our new factory in Portugal to bring you bigger sizes.

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