Jeaks™ - Jeans Like No Other

Taking cue from the 70s era of epic style, Jeaks™ are a new haute collection of jeans bringing a hip, laid back glam feel to your denim. Don’t flinch..these jeans are current and the new must have combo of iconic style, without compromising on comfort. 

The innovative panels of soft stretch fabric bring a unique flash of print or two-tone navy into the mix, visually contouring and lengthening your legs. Replacing hard denim seams, they bring the comfort of leisurewear to your denim. 

Check out our ‘Kick Flare’ Jeaks™- a best-seller with a high rise, close cut to the knee, and wide leg-super flattering on all body shapes. If you’re not sold yet on the new must-have flares, our ‘Slim Cut’ style are similar to your skinny jean- tight to the knee but gently tapered to the ankle. Fans of Graysey include Instagram influencers and a growing tribe of celebrities. A cool British premium denim brand elevating jeans. 

Jeans + Tracksuit = Jeaks

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