Why Did We Design Jeans With Panels?

We recently realised that most people who see our instagram feed and Jeaks™ are not aware of what the panels DO....So we wanted to share WHY we designed ‘The Jeans with panels and WHY Jeaks™ give you MORE benefits than regular jeans.

Like most of you, I love travelling but always found it a challenge deciding what to wear on the flight. I LOVE jeans but found that they didn’t give me the comfort I wanted-even designer jeans. I wanted the LOOK of jeans but the COMFORT of a tracksuit. So about three years ago, I set about designing the ultimate pair of jeans to travel in.

I came up with the idea for a panel to be sewn into the jeans all the way round the inside leg area, including the crotch. This would replace the hard seams you get in regular denim jeans but also elevate denim to another level by introducing a flash of textile print or another colour. The panel fabric would have to be soft, comfortable, breathable and be able to print on. I also wanted to achieve contour and the best flattering fit.

We thought it would be relatively easy to source a suitable fabric but after trialling over 50 fabrics and talking to textile experts all over the world, we were almost ready to give up. We didn't know how hard it would be to find a fabric that wouldn’t absorb indigo dye from the denim. Or one that was strong enough to cope with the needles to sew through denim, and have the right weight and consistency to hang evenly with the denim.

But we kept going. It was a labour of love. Finally, as we couldn’t find one that already existed, we developed a new, unique, technical fabric that had all the qualities we needed. It is the first, we believe that can be sewn into the jeans,  put through the washes and not take on the indigo dye (not just sewn on top as embellishment after the washes).

It’s when you put the Jeaks™ on that you will REALLY see and feel just how flattering the fit is, and how stylish they are without compromising on comfort.