The Graysey Story - The week before launch

We are now just 2 days away from launching on Thursday 5th September! Feels really surreal after 2 years of working on creating Graysey for it finally to be almost ready!

This week we visited the warehouse to check on our Jeaks™ and blouses which had arrived. The warehouse had dedicated a special room for them to be picked and packed when orders start coming in.

My adrenaline pumps as I check over the website copy to ensure there are no more amendments to be made and finish filing photos to use for our social media. My studio needed tidying up after a bomb hit it over the summer, along with the house:-)

Also trying to get our girls ready to return to school on Friday searching for crumpled uniforms to iron and lunchboxes at the back of cupboards.

Phew! It’s been a busy summer but we’re just about ready to launch Graysey and our girls to start their new year groups (Yr 6 and Yr 10) at school. See you soon…