The Graysey Story - The Creation of Jeaks™.

In Spring 2017, Doug & I made the decision to set up a business together. I had done a fashion & textiles degree years ago and although I had ended up going into interior design as a profession, I had never lost my love for fashion; especially 1970’s style! I had dreamt of one day creating a womenswear brand and with Doug as my partner, I was excited to start designing!

That summer, we were holidaying in a lovely old Farmhouse in France with my family. I remember sitting by the pool, with my iced coffee and sketch pad in the sunshine thinking how challenging I find choosing what to wear to travel. I’m someone who lives in jeans but find that hard seams in the crotch area are uncomfortable for prolonged periods of time and wearing a tracksuit is just not me. So it got me thinking about how I could combine the look of jeans but with the comfort of a tracksuit. I wanted to design a pair of jeans with a great cut & fit. Another must was they should flatter womens’ legs and bum and be the most comfortable jeans in the world. 
Lastly, they needed to have a 1970''s vibe and stand out in a crowd. So I got sketching and came up with the design for Jeaks™ . I also designed a range of other items inspired by 1970’s fashion that would be cool to travel in but it was the Jeaks ™ that Doug picked out to launch with as a hero product. Never did I think that my nonchalant sketch would take us on the journey that we have been on to find the right fabrics and the perfect fit we needed! Check out our post tomorrow to find out about our highs & lows creating the Jeaks ™