The Graysey Story - Sourcing Denim

Having never made anything with denim since my fashion degree final show (apart from having hems turned up) I had a bit of a steep learning curve! I read many articles by denim aficionados and had some training from an industry expert. I trawled textile shows and spoke to many suppliers. I spent hours in a couple of well known London stores checking out all the jeans they had and trying them on to see which kind of weight and finish we would want to use. I learnt a whole new vocabulary, feeling buoyant as I slipped words like atari, bar tacks and enzyme wash into any conversation involving denim. It took a while, but I finally felt that I had a decent knowledge to move forward and try to source the ideal denim to work with our stretch fabric.

We ordered a vast array of samples from Turkey, France, Italy and Portugal. Many shrinkage & wash tests were done as we ploughed through, trying to find the right one to use.. We finally sourced a Turkish denim from a supplier in the UK which worked well with our other fabric and moved forward to doing ½ legs. We finally had a denim and wash we liked and were now ready to move forward to sampling. Join us tomorrow to see how things were not as straightforward as we thought!