The Graysey Story - Result of Boutique Meeting.

I knew there was not going to be a quiet conference room but I hadn’t expected the meeting to be conducted with so many people around! Apart from the owner, there were 2 sales assistants (1 of whom was her daughter) & customers roaming around and flitting in and out of the changing room. The meeting stopped and started as customers were given alternative sizes or compliments on the outfit they were trying on. It was a bit like standing in the middle of Piccadilly Circus! 
We somehow managed to show them the collection and talk about the brand. The owner tried a pair on saying “They feel really comfortable!” The 2nd daughter (also the buyer) was on facetime from Paris and I had to walk around so she could see the product. The 1st daughter said “I’m really fussy about denim but I love this! It’s a really great quality” They put an order in and we left feeling jubilant! We celebrated by having lunch at ‘The Orange Tree’ in Totteridge on our way home.👖