The Graysey Story Photoshoot Day 1

We had arranged to shoot the product shots on the first day. Thought it would be good to everyone into the swing of things before the editorial shoot. After breakfast and strong coffee we drove to the studio. It was a bit of a challenge to find the entrance but once we did, we found our stylist and hair & make-up artist chatting and one of the models arrived.

Everyone mucked in carrying our labelled boxes to the lift and we wheeled the clothes rail in. The space was smaller than I had imagined and once the team and all the clothes, accessories, lighting and cameras were in, a bit of a squash to be honest! Made a note to book a bigger space next time. Doug went out to forage for drinks, snacks and lunch for everyone. We all needed fuel with a busy day ahead!

My stylist suggested we prepare all the outfits and accessories. She unboxed all the shoes and boots and laid them neatly in a row. We went through each outfit picking out tops and accessories. Hair and make-up seemed to take a very long time but I was comparing it to the 5 minutes I take to get ready in the morning! I realised why after she had finished, as the models looked perfect for the modernised 1970’s look we were going for.

Finally, one of the models was ready. After testing the lighting, the photographer started shooting. I looked at the shots on his computer to see how they were coming out. We picked the best angles for each product shot and as the outfits changes, so did the shows and accessories. The second model took turns to be shot so they both had ½ the products to wear.

We felt spent by the end of the day. One model had asked to leave early for a booking for a very lucrative job so we finished shooting her outfits first. After we had loaded the van we went out for dinner, incapable of cooking and talked through the day.