The Graysey Story - Photo shoot day 2

We had hired a large white van to fit all the props, clothes etc. After attempting to direct Doug into the parking area through a gap with an inch either side of the ‘monster vehicle,’ the antique orange camper van parked up for it’s retirement won. Doug drove off all hot and bothered to find a car park, scraping one side of the van as he reversed out. Phew-today was already proving to be a challenge!

What seemed like a generous loft space at the beginning of the morning, became what felt like a studio flat of minute proportions. Slowly, the rest of the team streamed in and lighting, props, boxes and the clothes rail filled up the space.

My ‘Can do’ attitude mixed with budgetary limitations & a sprinkling of first class naivety had led me to book a videographer on the day of the editorial shoot to make the video for our website. At some points during the day, running between the photographer & videographer, I felt like Anika Rice in the 80’s tv series ‘Treasure Hunt’ on some crazy challenge. Doug had a battle putting the drum kit together and I was manically setting up props and furniture for the different scenes in the video, hauling large rugs around and moving large picture frames and plants. At other times, shadowing the videographer’s right hand shoulder and calling “ACTION” I had extreme imposter syndrome. 
The videographer wanted to get his lighting set up and start shooting but it meant the photographer couldn’t set his lighting up for shots as it would interfere with the video lighting. The other model and crew were hanging around waiting so Doug suggested they start shooting outside. They got some great shots and we were very happy with the video but in retrospect (don’t you just love that), I wish I had been able to focus 100% on the video and photography. 
After packing up the van, we said our goodbyes to everyone and drove off, exhausted but relieved that the day was over. It had been one of the most challenging days and we hoped that the results would be worth it. We had dinner in a lovely gastro pub and collapsed into bed shortly after, overwhelmed with fatigue. "Get your Jeaks on!"