The Graysey Story - Photo Shoot behind the scenes.

While Doug and I focused on communicating with the photographer and videographer the ideas and shots we wanted to achieve, our lovely and talented social media strategist, influencer & photographer Rhiannon Duffin was also busy behind the scenes. 
I would occasionally catch sight of her skilfully hopping over wires and ducking and diving between the various members of the team to find the teensiest spot to contort herself. Using different angles she got some great shots of the models being photographed. Or setting up artistically styled still life shots using our clothes rail and cotton shopper. Or directing a spare model that she grabbed while out of shot action to do boomerangs (more to come soon). Wow! What a multitude of talents all rolled up into one glamorous, efficient and charming package!

I was truly grateful we had found her in the sea of potential collaborators for our launch mission. Not only did she provide us with an array of beautiful behind the scenes images and boomerangs but also assisted us with our social media strategy. Stay tuned for our next post about the rest of the team!