The Graysey Story - Packaging and Sustainability

We care deeply about the environment. We use manufacturers and washes that are G.O.T.S. certified and are committed to using techniques to finish the denim that are not harmful to the environment or the people making them. We wanted to do the same with our packaging.

We watched lots of unboxing videos on You Tube and searched Pinterest to get inspiration and an understanding of all the different options to package clothes. So much choice! I wanted to have a mixture of textures and colours and for the overall feel to be an enjoyable and exciting process with an element of surprise.

After many designs, different colour ideas, to-ing and fro-ing on materials to use, we made our decisions. We are proud to confirm that our goal of our packaging being 100% reusable or recyclable has been achieved! Our cardboard box and tissue paper are recyclable. Our cotton shopper is reusable. Our ‘plastic’ garment bag is biodegradable. We use no plastic clips. It definitely took us longer to find solutions to having environmentally friendly but worth it!