The Graysey Story - Our Trip

Our trip to Portugal was a crazy experience. We stayed in the town this time in a high ceilinged converted studio flat. It was lovely but a bit noisy.. Visiting the factory to check our production, it really hit home that our launch is about to happen! Stopped off in a beach bar on the way back for a cool drink.

What was meant to be a short meander into the old town to find a cosy little tapas restaurant for dinner turned into a 2 hr trek amongst hordes of tourists. There were queues for all the decent restaurants and we didn’t fancy the authentic but unfathomable tapas option  so ended up in some burger and salad joint. It so happened that they had just run out of buns so Doug opted for a local dish that was recommended. Unfortunately he didn’t enjoy it but ate it as he was so hungry. The waiter sweetly brought us port to make up for the disappointment. We slept well that night!