The Graysey Story - My trip to Portugal on my own and getting the first sample

Jeaks made (The most comfortable Jeans in the world) "Get Your Jeaks On!" After the drama of my flight to Portugal, everything else seemed not too hard. Apart from turning onto the wrong side of the road and have three cars simultaneously honk at me, the drive to my hotel was ok. I took it slow and was very relieved to have my sat nav that worked and gave English instructions! I have to say, it was not enjoyable driving on the highway to the factory each day as cars would drive at top speed behind me in the slow lane and then sit on my behind until getting bored a few minutes later and moving lanes. Driving back at night on the part where there was a dual carriageway gave me kittens...huge HGV’s would hurtle towards me round bends in the road and a couple of times in my fear of a collision would go up onto the curb.

I did force myself to go out to eat. I sat in a recommended restaurant with white tablecloths and tried to ignore the feeling of being looked at by the waiters with a little pity or was it contempt? I had brought my book so read while I was eating. I can’t say I enjoyed the experience but felt good that I had done it. 
The communications with our factory went well..their English was pretty good, my hand movements sufficed and humour helped. I came away on the last day with a pair of Jeaks that looked pretty good. The factory had worked really hard to cut and make the Jeaks and put them through the washes in just 3 days. I flew home feeling the trip had gone well.

Picture is of me visiting the GOTS certified wash.