The Graysey Story - Grading and Size Sampling.

Once we approved the base size of the Jeaks, we needed to get them graded and sample the rest of the sizes. We had sampled the smallest size and the largest size with the salesman samples. But they still needed a little tweaking. One of the fit models who tried on the size 30 looked behind herself into the mirror and exclaimed “My bum used to be my best feature 20 years ago...I’ve got my bum back! These are sooo flattering!” Her words made me so happy I could have flown home! The company we use worked with me to achieve the right grading, aiming for the same great fit throughout the sizes and styles. 
We had 12 samples being done as we have 6 sizes in 2 styles. I was literally a nervous wreck on the day of the U.P.S. delivery from the factory. What if they weren’t right? It would hold us up for weeks! They had to be right! When they arrived,we relocated to the kitchen with a measuring tape, paper and pen. With a fresh cup of coffee in hand, we started checking the measurements. We had our spec sheet for the sizes and went through all the measurements with each size. We were so relieved...every size matched the measurements on the spec sheet. We were ready to go to production!