The Graysey Story - Getting the pattern and fit perfect

Signing for the package I realised 3 things:

1)My heart was racing
2)My palms were sweaty
3)This was NOT an enjoyable part of the process for me

I was using myself as the ‘fit’ model (the words make me laugh as I am nothing like the other-worldly gorgeous creatures that model for a living). I know that only I could truly know when the fit was right and if the Jeaks truly performed as they were meant to...contouring the thighs, making your bum look great etc.
I tried the samples on. My heart sank. The fit was not as I wanted it. They were too loose round the waist, not fitted enough around the bum, thighs and knees. 
My pattern cutter said this made sense as we had switched denim and the pattern was going to need altering to accommodate the different qualities of the new denim. So we got to work to get the fit right on the samples and then on the patterns. Lots of M&S Percy Pigs were consumed that evening. And some wine. The patterns were digitised and a couple of days later the new patterns got sent to Portugal.
We don’t want to bore you so to cut a long story short, this process continued and the patterns were changed MANY times over the course of months as we were absolutely NOT prepared to compromise on getting the perfect fit. After 6 iterations, we achieved what we had set out to do. Suffice to say, hundreds of Percy Pigs were demolished along with countless glasses of Rose and Chardonnay along the way! Luckily the stress of it all stopped the pounds piling on!