The Graysey Story - Fun And Games

Having only ordered a swatch from our Turkish supplier, we put in an order for enough denim to sample the Jeaks with. Having received the denim very quickly previously, we expected it to arrive speedily this time too. It was not the case. I had booked a trip to Portugal to visit the factory but also to speed up the process of doing the 1st sample to get it before the factory shut over Christmas. Two weeks went by and it was still stuck in customs in Istanbul airport. It took numerous e-mails to the shipping company and the supplier to encourage getting the correct paperwork completed. We breathed a sigh of relief when we were notified it was on it’s way but our relief was premature. This time it got held up in customs in Portugal. This was so frustrating! The only way to get it released was to pay 300 Euros. An expensive package of denim indeed! 
The factory only had 2 days before I arrived to cut and sew the Jeaks and send them to the washes. The amount of time and stress the whole experience gave us was not something we wanted to repeat. So on my trip over there in mid December, I sourced a local supplier in Portugal who had a great selection of denim from around the world that took all the responsibility of the importing nightmare away from us. On my trip I came across this street art piece and now felt that our brand was really starting to EVOLVE. To find out more about how my 1st solo business trip for Graysey went and how the 1st pair of Jeaks turned out stay tuned for our next post!