The Graysey Story - Finding the right factory

Finding and deciding on which factory to work with was no walk in the park! Doug, having worked with factories throughout his career knew that most prefer to manufacture products they know how to make and are more comfortable working with established brands. Approaching them as a start up asking them to develop a new product that had never been made before was not always met with open arms..However, we were determined to get our exciting idea to market and that there would be a factory out there that would take a chance on us. 
We wanted to work with a factory that provided a fair wage and safe conditions for their staff and used washes that were GOTS certified. As a premium brand we also wanted to manufacture our products in Europe for quality craftsmanship, accessibility, and minimising shipping. We scoured different countries across Europe and finally decided on Portugal. With anticipation, we planned a trip there to meet with a few factories who we had been speaking with.

Part of our ethos as a brand is promoting and supporting ‘ Women for Women’. We had a meeting with a factory that had all our requirements. We were pleasantly surprised to find that it was owned and run by an inspiring entrepreneurial woman. She saw the potential in our brand and the concept of Jeaks and said they would support us developing them to bring it to market. So finally Graysey products are designed by a woman for women and manufactured by women in a woman owned factory