The Graysey Story - Finding the photoshoot team

I checked out loads of fashion photographers on line and finally decided on one who’s work I really liked. When I spoke to him on the phone, he was really friendly and helpful and advised me to pull together the kind of style of photos that I wanted to achieve, especially for the editorial side. 
I needed a stylist and hair and make up artist also and he recommended a few that he had worked with many times before. After a conversation with one of the stylists we arranged to meet up with the photographer to talk through ideas for the look I wanted to achieve, the shoot, location house etc.

We met in a restaurant and ordered some food and drinks. I remember the conversations being animated and flowing with ideas and much so that my food got cold on the plate!

From that point on till the shoot, mood boards, e-mails and phone chats flowed between us and I also got in touch with a lovely hair and make up artist who they both knew. The models were booked and we found a social media strategist and influencer who would also take behind the scenes shots and boomerangs on the day. Lastly, we found a videographer through a cousins’s contacts who had done some great work. The team was complete!