The Graysey Story - Creating the brand

So creating our brand. Shouldn’t be too tricky... we just needed to find a name that captured the essence of who we are & what the brand is about, find a .com and be able to trademark it. Well, three months later with over 900 possible names discarded, we were at our wits ends. One morning, feeling frustrated after finding yet another name we liked was taken, Doug wailed "This is crazy!!!”. This got me thinking. Having moved three times in the last four years and all the dramatics we had experienced along the way, our lives felt crazy. So I wrote our surname GRAYS on the back of an envelope and added "EY" to create GRAYSEY (pronounced GREIZI). The brand was born!

I wanted to create a logo that was meaningful & aesthetically pleasing. The 4 G's represent our family; Doug & myself and our two daughters. The shape they make when joined together resembles a flower, a nod to ‘Flower Power’. Please like, follow or comment. We would love you to join us on our journey