The Graysey Story - Accessories, Clothes & Shoes & Props for the Photoshoot.

As soon as I felt we were getting near to approving the sales samples, a switch pinged on in me to start sourcing and gathering everything we needed for the shoot. I started sketching the overall shapes of the outfits we wanted to get that 1970’s look and feel. 
A duster coat would go well with the slim cut Jeaks ™ and a mac. A fitted blazer and belted safari jacket with the kick flare. Block heeled boots, trainers, and high heeled sandals too. Between myself and my stylist we gathered all the pieces we needed, some of which were my own, some were bought, some borrowed. Every time I was in town, I would pop into stores to have a peek to find bits and pieces, mostly for the shoot but occasionally for me:-) Finding props was fun-I got to hunt around vintage shops (& e-bay of course) where I found a 1970’s phone, a Moroccan Beni Ourain rug (which sits very happily in my lounge now) and some 1970’s leather chairs borrowed from a friend of mine. I painted a 1970’s style canvas to be in the editorial shoot and hired a drum kit.