The Graysey Story -A Trip To Remember.

As we decided that I would make a solo trip to Portugal, it dawned on me that there were a few things I would have to do that filled me with trepidation:

1)Get to the right departure lounge in time to get on my flight(I have a history of messing this part up).
2)Drive a hire car on the ‘wrong’ side of the road including navigating my way on motorways and out of a town with a complex one-way system
3)Communicating with Portuguese people when having absolutely no Portuguese language knowledge (except for hello, please and thank you)
4)Eat out on my own.

It’s funny how sometimes when you focus on something or fear it, it comes to bite you in the foot. Doug drove me to the airport with plenty of time to check my luggage in, go through customs, wander round the shops. After doing that, I made my way to the departure lounge feeling triumphant as I joined my fellow passengers for our flight. We waited until almost our departure time until an announcement was made that our flight was cancelled as there was a technical problem with the aircraft and they had to get another one to use. Great start! 
So after moseying round the shops again and continuously checking the board for updates, I was hungry and sat down in a bistro for lunch. The board still said cancelled with no other information. I had a bad feeling so while waiting for my lunch to arrive I quickly ran down the stairs to the information desk. She told me the flight was scheduled for departure and I had 10 mins before the gate closed. SHIT!!!! I ran upstairs to the restaurant, paid for my food which they chucked in a takeaway box,and ran. I ran like I’ve never run before. I think I could have run faster than Mo Farrah to catch that plane, all the while cursing the people that hadn’t put the right information on the board.I arrived hardly able to breathe, feeling volcanic. The last few people queuing turned around to stare. I didn’t care, I had made the flight!