The Graysey Story - 1st Boutique Meeting.⁠

So the day of our first sales meeting with a retailer had arrived. The adrenaline pumped. My yoga session in our ‘sunroom’ helped a little but I still felt nervous. We had made contact a few weeks previously with the boutique owner and she had agreed to see us and our collection.⁠
It was now the day of reckoning. Our hero product was about to get it’s 1st reveal to the trade! I pressed the Jeaks™ and blouses and packaged them neatly in our bio bags. We had also had some of our favourite shots from the editorial shoot printed and had put them in a portfolio which I brought. I used our cotton shopper to put a couple of pairs of the Jeaks™ in. I wore a pair to the meeting with one of the blouses. As we parked the car the butterflies in my stomach started fluttering again. Wheeling our trolley bag into the shop, we were greeted by the boutique owner.⁠
Tune in to our next post to see if she liked our collection!⁠