So it’s been 6 days since we launched and it’s gone by so quickly! We’ve had a few sales, It’s been a bit of a mad flurry to become acquainted with a new app which I am using to arrange and schedule photos and quotes on our Instagram feed. You should probably know I am a complete technophobe! When I was introduced to Apphi, I was very charmed and impressed by the way ‘she’ presented. But there have been several times when I have gone into almost meltdown mode when my ‘tiles’ that have been happily arranged and looking quite nice re-jigged themselves out of sync and I can no longer see a certain pic I had put in. The urge to make a stiff G&T and position myself on a comfi sun bed in the garden with a good book or escape to the beach to sit on the pebbles taking in the sound of the waves were super tempting.

But I somehow overcame these urges by walking away from the computer breathing deeply and making a more appropriate cup of coffee (for that time of day)! It made me realise that in life, when I take on something new (especially anything to do with technology), it is very challenging and the urge for me to throw my arms up into the air in frustration and give it up is strong. As humans, we are creatures of habit and sticking to things you know feels like your favourite snugly corner of the sofa with a mug of hot chocolate. But I am like a dog with a bone. Waking up at 5.00am in the morning, I read and was inspired by Editor-in-Chief’ Farrah Storr’s letter ‘What it Takes to Succeed’ in Elle magazine (October 2019). Having passed my twenties MANY years ago, I understand and appreciated Farrah’s words “So welcome to the October issue of Elle, for those who understand that a dream is nothing without the drive to get you there, and that the drive to get you there needs to be clearly signposted along the way.” I worked through the sticky patch with Apphi and we are now forging a firm and fun friendship!