The Graysey Story - Cutting edge 3d fit guide technology 

Apparently jeans and boots are the items that have the highest percentage of returns from online shopping. Launching with a new jeans product this was not good news for us!
Doug had always been fascinated with technology and gadgets (my polar opposite:-) ) He had read an article that he said we should be very interested in. It was about a company that developed software that claimed to greatly lower the chances of customers ordering the wrong size when online shopping.

We looked into it and had several in depth conversations with the technology team about how the software works and the benefits, costs etc. It had a database of over 1 million 3d body types and had an algorithm that could predict the correct clothing size of any person with a 97% success rate. It seemed like a great idea to implement on our website so we decided to sign up with them and in doing so, be the first U.K company to use them and this particular kind of technology. "Get Your Jeaks on!" Coming very soon