Collaboration With Gary McQueen

Gary McQueen

A collaboration with McQueen? How did that come about? Having launched just a few short months ago, we were really keen to collaborate with artists and designers with a speciality in print. Our Jeaks really are a wonderful ‘vehicle’ to showcase other artists and print designers’ work on the printed panels on the legs of our hero product ‘Jeaks’. 

A friend we made recently suggested a pairing with Gary James McQueen. We were super excited about the possibility of this and got in touch. He is Alexander McQueen's nephew and is an artist with intriguing connections to the world of high fashion. He was introduced to the fashion industry in 2005 when his uncle employed him as head textile designer for McQueen menswear. He was given free reign to explore the innovative and niche skill of using 3D canvas to create optical-illustration design.He delivered many personal projects and artworks, probably the most recognisable being the Gold Skull artwork which became the face of the V&A’s best selling ‘Savage Beauty’ Exhibition in 2015.

We drove to his home town to meet up. We were excited to discuss the possibilities and exchange ideas on how we could work together. 

On meeting him in a large bustling coffee shop in November, Doug and I liked him straight away. Wearing a cap and donning a notepad and pen, he had a humble artistic sensibility, lined with an inner confidence and a strong sense of character.

We drove home brimming with excitement of joining forces with someone who’s work and talent we admire. 

Our collaborative collection was scheduled for March 2020 in Dubai at….. but with the recent Corona Virus restrictions, it is postponed until October 31st.

Our samples arrived the day the show was postponed so it was a tough day.

We are looking at other possibilities of a way to collaborate before then with him and will keep you posted!