2 Years Of Hard Work

Well, after 2 years of hard work we FINALLY launched Graysey on the morning of the 5th September! The propagation of the site went through pretty smoothly and the site could be seen around the world when we woke up on the launch day. Except for Doug and me where our website could not be reached on either of our computers. Doug frantically called our domain provider who said everything was working normally. We realised that it had to do with our broadband provider and Doug spent the next one and a half hours on the phone to a call centre in India to resolve the issue. I spent the morning shuttling coffee & toast into the front room, trying to calm Doug down while he was sent pillar to post within the Indian call centre. At 11.30 he finally came into the kitchen to say it was fixed!!

Within a few hours, we had received our first couple of orders and spent some time speaking with the warehouse making sure all the systems were synced and that the orders would be shipped out correctly. We were also approached by three fashion stylists who had been following us; two of which were well-known celebrity stylists asking to collaborate with us.

So, the first few days have gone well with a few more orders and conversations with stylists and influencers. We have been tweaking small bits and bobs on the website, systems and listening to feedback from our friends, family and followers.